Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation

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UAE Offshore Company Formation

Choosing the right place to register a business is vital, but it’s not always easy. Accounting for tax laws and other regulations can be complex, but our company formation experts in Absher are here to help you sort it out. When you form your new business in the UAE, let us take care of everything from choosing an offshore jurisdiction to helping you set up your formal business structure.
Incorporating an offshore company in the UAE is a popular route to take as it allows you to structure your business and asset ownership in the most profitable way possible. Offshore organizations and trusts also have limited liability from third party claims, unlike registered domestic companies.



By incorporating in the UAE, you have an offshore company with a unique advantage

being a UAE resident, you can open bank accounts and trade out of the UAE without ever leaving. More importantly, your incorporated business will be recognized as resident in the UAE, which helps to reduce wealth inflation and also helps you avoid taxation.

Offshore Company Incorporation.

In the UAE, business licenses are issued only to Mainland and Free Zone companies. For Offshore companies, a certificate of incorporation is issued by the UAE authorities. The offshore company can undertake overseas transactions, but they have to operate within an authorized jurisdiction. The business-friendly policies of the UAE government, along with tax benefits, influences foreign investors to form offshore companies. 

For an investor or entrepreneur to form an Offshore company requires the applicant to submit passport copies, proof of residence, company shareholder details, and other applicable documents to the Registrar of Offshore Companies for approval and certificate of incorporation. The offshore company is allowed to open Bank accounts in the UAE or abroad. While it is easy to set up an Offshore company, the process to get it done requires the assistance of a company registration agent. Taking the services of a Business setup consultants in Dubai or any other part of the UAE will help complete the formalities smoothly and quickly. 

In order to create an offshore company in the UAE and be a part of this fast-paced economy, you will need to find a registered agent. An agent is a link between the local government and your organization; and therefore, your selection should be done carefully. Once you have shortlisted the right UAE corporate services provider, you can avail their company formation facility.

Incorporating an offshore company in the UAE is a popular route to take as it allows you to structure your business and asset ownership in the most profitable way possible. Offshore organizations and trusts also have limited liability from third party claims, unlike registered domestic companies.


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Benefits of Offshore Company in the UAE

There are many advantages that an offshore company in the UAE offers. The all-around convenience makes forming an offshore company an attractive proposition for foreign investors.

  • Quick and simple registration process compared to Mainland and Free zone company

  • 100 % foreign ownership allowed and does not require a local UAE national sponsorship

  • International business transactions are permitted without any restrictions

  • Tax exemptions and other benefits
  • Financial Audits are not required from the UAE authorities
  • State Governments regulations do not apply
  • Multi-currency accounts allowed
  • The company's directors and shareholders' details are kept confidential and not made public.

Features and regulations

Setting up a company in the UAE is easy. You need to choose your business structure and appoint the required shareholders and directors. An initial deposit needs to be paid and an authorized fund can be received from any bank account in Dubai. No personal visits are required either. All financial dealings can be done from the UAE Free Zone by providing your nominee name who will receive all banking documents, authorizations for paying funds, dividends and other rights. Here is everything you need to know :

  • The full name of the legal entity and its registration date, place and identity number must be specified in the statutes.
  • The capital of the company can be any amount (as long as it can be divided into any denomination) Your company may also have as many members as you wish with each member having an equal share in the Company.
  • Minimum shareholders number is one.
  • Minimum director number is one.
  • The share capital of the company must be fully paid when allocated and there is no requirement to deposit the capital in a bank.


  • Complete foreign ownership
  • 100% tax exemption
  • 100% duty exemption
  • bank account opening assistance
  • UAE Free Zone requires you to appoint a registered agent from the approved list of registered agents maintained by the company.
  • Financial audits are requested sometimes
Offshore Services

RAK Offshore and RAKEZ Freezone Company Formation

If you are planning to set up a business in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is one of the most attractive options. It offers lower establishment fees than Dubai and other Emirates, but at the same time offers its own advantages as a business location. RAK is well known for its hospitable environment that allows companies to easily operate without feeling any stress.

A Ras al Khaimah offshore company is an ideal solution for those who are seeking to evade taxes or conduct business behind closed doors. You can even register a company in the emirate without having to be physically present at its headquarter. This private jurisdiction offers all the benefits of registration in the UAE. RAK offshore registration is particularly attractive for companies that want to operate in multiple countries: you can use your Ras al Khaimah offshore registration as a basis for doing business in many more countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East

We are pleased to inform you that we can set up an offshore company in Ras al Khaimah

UAE within little time depending on the company type and level of registration chosen. We offer a total package of services - including obtaining the required approvals from the local authorities and consummation of registration process.
In the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, on which GWS focuses, we help you establish your company in a first-class international environment and offer excellent possibilities for your business. Our customer advisors will accompany you step by step in the process of starting a company, providing optimal service along with full transparency to ensure that you benefit from convenient tax advantages over the long term.

Offshore Company

The best agent for this job

Absher business Consultancy is a well-known name for providing excellent services for offshore company formation in the UAE. Starting an offshore company requires knowledge and understanding of the legal process. Business consultants can help in PRO Services, documentation, banking transactions, and other formalities needed as per the present UAE laws. The

consultants help in every stage of setting up the company, and that includes

  • Advising the client on selecting the correct type of business in an offshore setup.

  • Shortlisting at least three names for the company and submitting them to the authorities for approval of any single name. The rule requires that the company name ends with "Limited" compulsorily.

  • Helps in opening a bank account. A bank account is necessary for getting the certificate of incorporation. The company can open a bank account UAE or overseas and carry out multi-currency transactions.

  • Help accomplish the documentation processes, including preparing MOA, finalizing the directors and management names, etc.

  • Business consultants like Absher have a team of professionals who can ensure that the entire process is overseen by professionals so that there are no delays or penalties involved.