Trademark Registration in Dubai

Trademark Registration in Dubai


Trademark Registration in Dubai

Trademark is important for companies doing business in Dubai as it helps distinguish a company's products from its competitors. The Trademark protection has been applicable in Dubai since 1992. A company can benefit from Trademark protection after it completes the Registration process.
A registered trademark enables a company to have complete ownership of the brand, logo, and name. It prevents competitors from copying or using it in an unauthorized manner. A trademark is typically a sign, logo, image, alphabet, or name. If anyone uses it without the trademark owner's permission, the company has a legal right to sue. The symbol "O" is used to represent the registered Trademark.



Process for Registering a Trademark

  • Deciding on the nature of the Trademark is the first step for business setup in Dubai. Here, extensive research is required before finalizing a logo, image, or name. It is to ensure that there is no existing trademark as it will lead to copyright violation.
  • The Trademark should be in sync with the product or services offered by the company.
  • The trademark registration application along with relevant fees is to be submitted to the UAE Trademark Office.
  • Any discrepancy highlighted by the authorities is to be sorted out by the business.
  • The Trademark is registered and allotted in a time frame which is around 18 -24 months.
  • Trademark registration is valid for ten years. After ten years, it needs renewal.


Documentation required for Trademark Registration in Dubai

The following documents are required to get a Trademark Registration and our PRO Services assist with all the processes.

  • Application form

  • Power of Attorney

  • Business incorporation Certificate

  • Applicants Identity proof
    Business description

  • Trademark image or logo in colored and black and white and in soft copy

  • Classification as per UAE Norms for Trademark registration

  • Translation of words in the Trademark

Here are the Benefits;

  • It protects brands, goods, and services.
  • It helps to get registration in other overseas countries.
  • Protects the brand worldwide when expanding operational activities globally.
  • Safeguards a company’s sale by preventing customer confusion.
  • It provides legal authority to an organization in the UAE from fraudulence and personification.
  • Legal ownership of goods and services.
  • It can be used as collateral security to get loans from banks in Dubai. It is equivalent to immovable property.

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