Product registration in Dubai

Product registration in Dubai

Product registration

Product registration in Dubai

Dubai provides several lucrative opportunities for merchants to manufacture, import, export, and distribute various products. The products range from food and health products, to cosmetics, and many other manufacturing segments.
The government in the UAE has made it obligatory to register every product before doing business with them. The existing law applies to all the products manufactured and distributed in Dubai.



Dubai Product Regsitration

What is Product Registration?

Product registration means getting a product evaluated for its quality and safe usage by consumers.
Food products, health products, and cosmetic products are specific categories of products we humans use in our daily lives. Like for instance, food products include all edible items consumed by humans. Similarly, cosmetic products are applied to the face, skin, hair, or body.

Product registration in UAE

The product registration in Dubai, UAE enables the government to assess whether the manufacturers or importers of the products are complying with consumer safety standards. The process of product registration is the same with all municipalities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates; it is made mandatory by the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Department (CCCP) in Dubai. It is imperative that all these products pass the safety test and at the same time get approvals from relevant authorities such as CPSS or the Consumer Products Safety Section. Registration validity is for five years. As per the UAE’s regulatory requirements, all personal care products, food brands, and medicines must be registered with the respective Municipality for protection against fake products.

A company intending to export products to the UAE should register the product in compliance with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHP) or its directorate general, as well as obtain a certificate of product registration issued by Dubai Municipality or its directorate. The documents required for product registration are as follows:

  • Registration Certificate of a manufacturing company
  • Laboratory test report of the concerned product
  • Free Sales Certificate
  • Product analysis report

Why is Product Registration Compulsory in UAE?

Dubai Municipality conducts mandatory product registration (but not testing). All products that enter the UAE must be registered with Dubai Municipality. Prices, specifications, and trademark rights are checked before allowing entry.
Dubai Municipality randomly checks products for safety, branding, and quality prior to clearing shipments onto Dubai landfills or for export. Consumer safety is a top priority for Dubai Municipality.
Consumers can rest assured that any products bearing the Dubai Municipality logo, have passed the stringent quality inspection and testing procedures before being made available to consumers from shop shelves.
The registration process ensures that products are safe for use and do not contain harmful chemicals or materials that could cause harm to consumers.
The registration certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance, at which point re-certification may be requested.
So, a product needs to be registered in the UAE, including Dubai for the following reasons:
  • To reduce or eliminate the trading of harmful and artificial products
  • Banking and financial sectors and companies
  • ensure consumer safety.
  • To ensure product quality is maintained.
  • To prevent duplication of products and their commercialization.


Businesses Established

Who needs to apply for Product Registration in the UAE?

a) Local Manufacturers

As per the Food Safety Law of Sharjah, establishments selling food and beverages are required to register their products with Sharjah Municipality. The local manufacturers must approach the Consumer Products Safety Section to make sure that these products have received proper certifications before they are sold in the market.

Dubai Municipality regulates the local manufacturers in order to ensure that their products have undergone proper certifications before they enter the UAE market. They are required to register their products with the Consumer Products Safety Section of Dubai Municipality through the filing of a declaration form, which can be done online. The products should be accompanied by a copy of the approved lab report, packing list, and invoice in case they are imported from abroad or if they are made locally.

b) Importers 

The companies that manufacture products in overseas markets are required by Dubai Municipality to register their products before releasing the product in the Dubai market. The registration process is only valid if there is a third party certifying it, using a unique serial number. This unique number must have been registered with Dubai Municipality and will be used for tracking purposes.

In addition to the registration of the product, the company is required to complete the import declaration and present the necessary documents to customs beforehand, so as not to get any delays. The registration of products at Dubai Municipality will allow the free movement of goods in the UAE and protect consumers against fake or substandard products.

List of Products that are banned in the UAE

  • Narcotics or any Drug related product/s
  • Products manufactured in Israel
  • Betel Leaves
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Products related to gambling
  • All kinds of weapons and ammunition

List of products that are tagged with Restrictive Status

  • Alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • Rough Diamonds
  • Anything related to Nuclear Energy


Steps for Product Registration in Dubai

The manufacturing company must be a registered company in the UAE to register a product. The company should have a trade license for the products it deals in, for example, cosmetics or health supplements. The company must also submit the required documents, which include the necessary fee, a copy of the valid license of operation, and details about the product that is being registered. If a company operates outside Dubai, it can apply for registration through its local representative.

Some conditions and steps for product registration in the UAE

  • Company Formation- only those companies based out of the UAE Free Zone or Dubai can register their products. A manufacturing company must locally carry out its business activity in Dubai Municipality.
  • Registration of the company set up in Dubai or UAE free Zone is required.
  • All documents about the concerned product need to be submitted to the Dubai Municipality for product assessment. The sample of the concerned product is submitted to the CPSS. The Label Assessment report consisting of the product description is then issued.

If the Municipality is convinced that the product is in compliance with its regulations, then the product will be registered and an electronic registration certificate will be automatically generated. The validity of the registration is for 5 years. In the event of any objections, the applicant should provide a reply to it with relevant supporting documents.

Product Registration

What is the Benefit of Product Registration?

The purpose of product registration is to make consumers feel safe. It also helps customers in grievance redressal if dissatisfied.

It is also beneficial for companies manufacturing the product. 

  • Brand and label protection
  • Import and export rights
  • The product easily allowed to trade throughout GCC
  • High product quality compliance for registration and weeding out unhealthy and fake products.  

Dubai Product Regsitration

It is the legal duty of the manufacturers and importers to register their products with the local government authorities.

This law is implemented in all the emirates of UAE to ensure that the imported products do not contain harmful ingredients or hazardous materials.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to register any new product or business activity in Dubai, you must follow certain steps to receive a valid registration. These include selecting your business activity, registering with Dubai Municipality and submitting product information to the municipality. You will also receive a registration certificate for your Dubai products.

Dubai Municipality collects an application fee of AED 10, which is refundable if the product is approved. For approval certificate, you have to pay an additional fee of AED 220.