About Absher Business

About Absher Business

Absher for business setup services

Absher Business Consultancy is one of the best Business Set-up Consultants in the UAE. We provide wide range of professional services which cover business set-up solutions in Dubai and other regions in the UAE. Our clients include locals and foreign clients.

About Us

We are your Guide to a Successful business venture in the UAE

Despite the investor-friendly policy adopted by the UAE government, setting up a business is time-consuming and requires professional help from an Expert Consultant. For a first-time investor in UAE, the process can appear complicated and confusing. This is apart from dealing in an alien language in many places as well.


Our Mission

Provide reliable, timely, accurate, and cost-effective business consultancy services, including tax advisory. Combining technological expertise and expert human resource, we are specialized in company formation to provide value for services to our clients.


Our Vision

We believe in providing different types of professional services to clients and ensuring their growth. Our success is connected to our client's satisfaction. Our motto is to remain passionate in our work, have integrity in our dealings and not compromise on the quality of work.


We are cost-effective. Our Consultancy fees are reasonable as we look to build a long-term relationship with our clients.

We also provide quick Turnaround Time (TAT) for any service so that our client or their business formation does not suffer.

We believe in excellence and provide a customized and efficient business solution to our clients.

We handhold our clients at every stage of their stay in the UAE. Right from registration to expansion and renewals.

23:28 23 Mar 23
A massive thank you for all of your help establishing our LLC in UAE . We were really pleased with how the the end results landed and hung together. It wouldn't have been as slick if it wasn't for your assistance and input. Thank you
Hend RefaatHend Refaat
14:34 12 Mar 23
Every thing was perfect actually all the team is well experienced and helpful. Company is trusted.Tks very much for your support .
hazem ahmedhazem ahmed
06:59 28 Feb 23
A company with a very high level of professionalism and speedy completion of the investor and staff procedures with a very high level of professionalism and respect. I recommend it to anyone who wants to deal with a respectable company in 🇦🇪. It is really the right hand of the investor.
My experience was amazing with Absher team.Very kind and friendly persons, professional people and have solution for each single problem.I like also to mention the names of the team who I felt like in family during all the process:1- Mis Tabarak2- Mr Moataz3- Mr Mohamed (accounting team)4- Mr Magdy5- Mr Islam AlgendyAll the team are amazing and I really enjoyed being a customer of Absher Business
Ashraf KamareldawlaAshraf Kamareldawla
17:34 23 Jan 23
My experience with Absher was very wonderful, because they have a very good experience in doing business and establishing companies.All the staff are very good experienced and respectful.Thanks for your interest and cooperation.Special thanks to Ms. Tabarak
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